William Munro, Cullicudden Farm

Resolis, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland

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My Mother's Scottish family


Another family line that has spent many generations in the Ross and Cromarty area; Munro being a common name there. 

William Munro  (James1) was born September 07, 1797 in Cullicudden Farm,  Resolis Parish, Ross and Cromarty, and died October 30, 1873 in Brinmore, Strathnairn, Daviot and Dunlichity.  He married Jannet Rose, daughter of John Rose and Henrietta Rose.  She was born Bef. April 20, 1803 in Milton Farm, Kilravock, Croy and Dalcross, and died October 18, 1883 in Brinmore, Strathnairn, Daviot and Dunlichity.
There children are:
i.      Henrietta3 Munro, born July 13, 1840 in Croy and Dalcross, Inverness; died May 22, 1922 in 49 Kenneth St, Inverness.  She married Alexander Calder April 02, 1858 in Croy and Dalcross, Inverness; born March 05, 1813 in Olrig, Caithness; died October 23, 1886 in Brinmore, Strathnairn, Daviot and Dunlichity.
ii.    Anne Munro, born July 07, 1842 in Croy and Dalcross, Inverness, Scotland; died February 25, 1871.  She married Alexander McIntosh May 05, 1870 in Brinmore, Daviot; born January 25, 1839; died in Inverness, Invernesshire.
iii.    Jane (Jeannie) Munro, born June 28, 1844 in Croy and Dalcross, Inverness, Scotland; died November 20, 1933.

WILLIAM MUNRO, Christening:  07 SEP 1797   Resolis, Ross And Cromarty, Scotland
Parents: Father:  JAMES MUNRO, Mother:  ANNE HOLM    
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Living at Holm House, in one of the dozen or so outhouses, parish of Croy are:
William Munro, 40, Miller, not born in the county of Inverness.
Janet Munro, 35, Born in Inverness-shire.
Henrietta, 10 mo's, Born in Inverness-shire.
Isabella Munro, 26, F.S., not born in the county of Inverness.
William Macdonald, 21, wright, not born in the county of Inverness.
William Kerr, 15, M.S., Born in Inverness-shire.
Source: 1841 census, Croy, Inverness, Enum Schedule 3, p. 8, LDS film 101848. Information taken from the film by R. Saylor, Mar. 2003.

The family was not found listed in this census. Croy is listed as in Nairnshire. This may be the problem.
Source: 1851 census, Croy, Nairnshire, all districts checked, LDS film 103685. Information taken from the film by R. Saylor, Mar. 2003.

Place - Holm
William Munro, Head, marr, 63, Meal and barley Miller, born Ross-shire, Resolis.
Janet Munro, wife, marr, 57, born Inverness, Croy.
John Gordon, serv, Wid, 63, Miller serv., born Cromarty, Cromarty.
Isabella Shaw, serv, unm, 18, born Inverness, Daviot.
Source: 1861 Scottish Census, Croy and Dalcross, EN Div 4, p. 11, 58, LDS reel 103833. Film checked by WRS, Feb. 2003.

Place - Brinmore
Alexander Calder, Head, marr, 50, Farmer of 107 acres of which 97 arable employing 6 labourers, born Caithness, Olrig.
Henrietta, wife, marr, 30, born Inverness, Croy.
Children are listed.
William Munro, father in law, Marr, 70, Retired Miller, born Cromarty, Resolis.
Jessie Munro, mother in law, 67, born Inverness, Croy.
Source: 1871 Scottish Census, Daviot and Dunlichity, EN Div 2, p. 19, 77, LDS reel 103996. Film checked by WRS, Feb. 2003.

William Munro, miller, married to Jessie Rose; died 30 Oct 1873, Brinmore, Dunlichity, 76 years,; father James Munro, wright, deceased; mother, Ann Munro, M.S. Holm, deceased; cause infirmities of age, 3 days bedrid; informant Alex Calder, son in law, present; registered 3 Dec 1873 at Daviot.
SOURCE: copy of death registration, obtained from www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk, Daviot and Dunlichity, Inverness, GROS data 095/0020, Nov. 11/02, files WRS.

Erected by Janet Rose in memory of her beloved husband William Munro, late Miller, Holm Rose, who died at Brinmore, Strathnairn 30 Oct 1872 aged 76 years. (Note: Possible 1873 death year as Pat Sedgewick and Jean's reading differ.)
SOURCE: Croy Cemetery, Photo taken by Jean Bannerman, visit in 1969.