First Regiment of Hastings Militia 1838

Pay list of McLellan's Company First Regiment Hastings for November 1838

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Military Records

Source: Military Records 1830-1839, Hastings Militia 1AO, F895 – MU2041, photocopy of original.
CopyrightRandy Saylor, transcriber, Oct 2006
Note: transcribed as written so spelling can vary from current practice.

[Note: Names are listed in a column and then signatures are present beside each name presumably certifying that they were paid. Those marked with * had a “his x mark” placed beside the signature done by the clerk. The other signatures are authentic.]
Captain Donald Mclellan
Lieutenant Christopher O’Brien
    “          William Wardrop
Ensign Charles Letesconte
Sergeants John Chrysdale
    “         Joseph P Hyke (signed Huyck)
Corporal Hiram Vanscott
    “         Samuel Hall
William Atkin (signed Akin)
John Reynolds
James Sutton
Philip Cox
William Gilchrist
John Madden (signed Maddon)
George Stellary*
Daniel Laurence (signed Lawrence)
Peter Post
John Heeley*
James Lindsay*
Paul Hough*
John Becket*
James Pool*
Samuel Orr*
George Davis*
Barney Collins*
Patrick Collins*
John Macaulay
James Molloy*
George Houssen*
Daniel Gerow*
Amos Doisaine? (signed Doisoanne?)
John Palmer
David Murray*
Robert Pearson*
James N Redick
Edwd Corscallen (Carscallen)