1815 Census Murray Township
Newcastle District

(later) Northumberland County

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Census Records
Records of the Bay of Quinte

Source: 1815 Census, Murray Township, Municipal Records, AO, MS16, reel 7
Randy Saylor, transcribed 14 May, 2007

A list of the Inhabitants of the Township of Murray 1815
* Females over 16
** Under 16

NameMales over 16Under 16FM 0-16 *UDo  **
Asa Weller2321
Ebenr Perry1111
Saml McKenny101
Jno C Lawson1211
Jas Henderick21
Corns Bonter1114
Benj Young1111
Jno Wilson1111
Peter Stoneburgh516
Dougal McLean1212
Daniel McKinsey131
S? Tomkins2111
Henry Burgher?111
Abm Ostram2212
F. Burnam11
A Blanchard111
M Howell Sr241
M Howell 11
Jno Richmond112
S Clapp11
Jas Wessels1111
Jno Wessels1212
Tobias? Ryckman111
Jacob Ryckman1213
Stepn Young1213
[Column 2]
Chs McArthur2222
A Simmons3125
T Porter11
R Parcel111
J? Parliament1313
G Davy1111
Jno Bleeker11
Levi Mun??1212
R Henesy121
Jacob Henderick1114
G Abbot1111
Wm Caton Sr1111
Wm Caton Jr101
S Gibson111
George Gibson111
Betsy Sellick0113
G Gibson21
J? Gibson11
Jno Singleton1111
C Benedict111
P Dyckman111
A. H. Myer1213
Jno Wees2113
S Sherwood212
E Squier211
C Vansickler?2214
M Lawson3223
Jno Nix Sr1112
Jno Nix Sr11
Cyrus Marsh3411
Cyrus Potter112
J? Greely1412
Wm Lownsbury111
C MarshJ C???