Ephraim Jones Augusta Township 1809

Order from Ephraim Jones to Isaac Carpenter

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Records of the Bay of Quinte

Source: Miscellaneous Collection 1803 - 1809, AO, F775 - MU2101, 1809 #5

List of N in this Destrict 1809
Jehiel Bisel
Jehiel Bisel 8
Edward Bisel 6
David Bisel 10
Friend Bissell 6
Amasa Wood 8
John White 8
Asa Webster 8
Isiah Carpenter 6
Cara Pitman 6
Philow Bennet  
Isaiah Carpenter  
To Mr Isaiah Carpenter overseer of Roads for the year 1809
You are hereby requested to order your devision to work as follows one half in the month of June next and the remainder in the month of October next and have your returns made and dld unto the Commissioner by the 10th Nov 1809. Ephm Jones JP
Augusta 18th March 1809 Richd Arnold Commr