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Major change to this site!!
From 2005 to Nov 2017 this site was on Rootsweb Freepages which is now owned by Ancestry. However Rootsweb had major problems and all sites like this were removed without notice. Starting in May 2018, I put my site at randysaylor.ca and Google has fully indexed it and the content is easily found by researchers. In August 2018, Rootsweb restored my site on Rootsweb Freepages pages. Although I have access to the site I have not kept it current. I have not decided what I will do in the future but I will not keep two versions of the same site. Regardless, it is great to be back on line!

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This site is about sharing genealogical research and historical records of the early families who settled in the Bay of Quinte area of Upper Canada (now Ontario) from 1783 up to the 1850's.

It has become a collection of original research and transcribed records that either I or my contacts have done. You are welcome to join in. There is no big plan - this is a hobby and having fun and sharing is what makes it worthwhile.

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Research Aids
Transcribed Records of the Bay of Quinte
Early Census Records
Quaker Records 
Prince Edward County Archives
Family Bibles
My Mother's Scottish family

Quinte Family Mini Pages - NEW!

Pioneering families of the Bay of Quinte

Index to Deed Books
Militia Records
Saylor DNA Project
 My Wife's UK and Irish Family

A number of people have helped over the years in the collection of this information. Their names often appear in my notes, but not their email addresses. I hope this is acceptable. Site begun in July, 2005.

: Material on this site is provided for your personal use only. If you wish to publish any of the transcriptions in any form then please get my permission.
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